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Premium Backdrops For

Model Railroads is the place to find the perfectbackdrops for your model railroad layout of all sizes

and scales.

All of our backdrops are printed on premium sign grade materials that are specially coated so they are water and UV resistant, and will survive even the worst of scenery liquids including, water, alcohol, household cleaners, paint and paint thinners, etc. Even plaster or sculp-a-mold won't hurt them. backdrops are also protected against most mild household cleaners so you can Windex them, 409 them, Lysol them and they won't be harmed or damaged while you are cleaning them.


All of our backdrops are sold in 12”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 42” heights and in lengths by the foot from 4 foot to 16 foot. If you need longer lengths just order additional backdrops that add together to make your final length (i.e. if you need 60 feet you can order six 10' backdrops or five 12' backdrops, .etc.


No matter what height or width you select each backdrop or series of backdrops remain in the scale you model so they will fit right in with your structure kits and scenery on the layout.


Since all of our backdrops are printed to scale no matter what height you choose the scene will not distort no matter the height, they will just have more sky when you order a taller size and less sky when you order a smaller size.


When you order a longer length we do not stretch your picture longer and deform it, we use professional photoshop techniques like cut, paste, repeating, mirroring and blending multiple scenes together to reach your total length requirements so you get a natural looking backdrop over the entire length you need. You can also contact us directly if you have a long backdrop and want to blend together multiple scenes to reach your desired length.


To get started select the "Backdrop Categories" button below to start browsing to find the perfect backdrops for your layout. You can then add your options (height, length, scale, material, sky, etc.), add to cart, repeat to order multiple scenes and when complete, make your purchase.

You can also contact us directly to have custom sizes made, get assistance planning long or complicated backdrops, just ask questions or if paying with a credit or debit card you can place an order over the phone.

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