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Welcome To Our Installation
Tips & Tricks Page 

This page is a work in progress and will be updated periodically as we have time. We are working on pictorial and video instructions for various install techniques, but until then if you have any questions or need help you can read what we do have posted below, see our FAQ PAGE which has many basic "What Not To Do" and "What To Do" instructions and you can always contact us and we'll assist anyway we can.

1. If possible it is always best to install your backdrops first so you are not having to climb on or reach over existing benchwork, trackwork, scenery or structures.


If you must install backdrops after the benchwork or other parts of the layout is in place if you are using the laminated products we offer you can use extra tape on them to help position and hold them in place. The tape will not damage them due to the non glare laminate finish coating.

2. If you are adhering the backdrops directly to the wall and you ordered our peel and stick (also called self adhesive) backing you must use a 100% acrylic primer over your house paint, latex or oil based paint. This is also true if you are using any other adhesive like double sided tape or contact cement.

3. If you are mounting your backdrop to a backing board you should use a smooth non-porous, non permeable, non breathable material such as tempered hardboard, styrene, PVC plastic or aluminum. Porous or textured materials like plywood, particle board, masonry block, insulated foam panels, etc. will bubble after application. We DO NOT recommend foam core or similar art boards as they will warp and curl over time, they are also susceptible to water damage.


4. Make sure your backing boards are mounted to the wall completely level. Using a quality, accurate accurate laser level to mark the top of the backing boards while installing them is best. Cheap quality laser levels can have tolerances as high as 1/8"+/- over 8 feet. Second best is the tried and true quality carpenters level.

5. ALWAYS "dry-fit" your backdrops before you permanently attach them. This means put them up temporarily with tape, pins , tacks or some other removable fastener to make sure everything will position and fit properly. This is also the time to check the backdrops for any blemishes or mismatching in the seam breaks. If there is any defects in the product printing we do offer a replacement but once you have glued them in place there isn't anything we can do to replace them for you.

6. Whatever fastening method you are using, especially any adhesives ALWAYS

follow the manufactures directions exactly. They know their product best. We sell backdrops and we are NOT adhesive experts or chemical engineers.


This page will be updated as we have time and as we test new techniques. If you tried a technique not listed here please email us with the results, good or bad and we will add a customer experience section to help others with their installation experience. If you send us a successful technique not listed here and we have time we will try to verify it and add it to our list if we can duplicate our success.

If you have larger, room size backdrops to install and don't feel comfortable doing it yourself we do offer professional installation on site for a fee and travel expenses. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

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